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#Never Give Up

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

"Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to allow ourselves the space to come alive in ways we never imagined possible. Now is the time to put pencil to paper, paint to canvas, tools to digital landscapes to create the art that our hearts so desperately want to express. If you can't dance in a studio dance in your living room. The quiet of this world is granting a pause for tapping into creative powers and reawakening the Self within. Practice. Practice. Practice. Never Give Up. Never abandon your wildest dreams. Anchor into them and bring forth whatever it is you can muster, every blessed day."

Casie La

It's FREE to Download & Print with Promo Code "NeverGiveUp"

  • SHARE with any friends or family to relieve stress, anxiety & depression

  • Bored in quarantine and need a break from technology

  • Need inspiration for a project

  • Clear Your Brain.

  • Maze Meditation

Giving out my art to inspire and create smiles.

My mazes expands consciousness.

Intended to bring more joy into your life!

Have Fun and Stay Grateful!!!


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