Maze Magic Meditation

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

How to utilize San's Mazes?

Before starting a maze...

*Close your eyes

*Take a 3 deep breaths

*Ask your question

~Ask yourself what would you like to discover about yourself. What would i like to accomplish in this life? What is my art? What would I like to learn? How can i heal myself? Have a journal or a piece of paper on side. As you navigate the pathways. Ideas from within will surface solutions.~

*Start the maze

Deigned to stretch neurons and shake up your usual way of thinking

Designed to make you feel more curious, intuitive, engaged, and smarter.

Change the way people think. They can allow us to see the world in new ways. They remind us to have fun

Form neurons and make new connections

Strengthens the brain and exercises it to build muscle. The more challenges are, the better your workout

Keeps your brain young, nourishes neurons


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