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Keep Austin Weird

You most likely find me riding around on my bike waving at cars on the corner or handing out my mazes to anyone I feel intuitively connected with. Weather it's through the connection of your eyes, the colorful outfit your wearing, or a random spark of conversation. I love the spontaneous events I've created throughout my lifetime and keeping it weird in Austin, TX, I feel safe and home. Pay it forward and give a smile in whatever form you can.

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Greetings, I am sharing my heart within my art with the world. Druing the COVID crisis of 2020, I produce a project to relieve the anxiety & depression this virus has caused. This was an oulet for kid

"Meditate" "Why..." "Cause it takes me so far within. A void of space connecting the internal/external realities... A position so equanimous, all senses tapping into a place of bliss. Pleasure surges

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