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"Hey, AnthonySan what's your favorite thing to do..."

Updated: Feb 19, 2021



"Cause it takes me so far within. A void of space connecting the internal/external realities... A position so equanimous, all senses tapping into a place of bliss. Pleasure surges between the mind, body, and spirit through the power of the breath. Channeling the deepest relaxation. A scope of joy of the most noblest of elements are felt. Feelings of divine communion of the "All" the nameless. Centering one's universe and knowing my purpose

"What's Your PURPOSE..."

"To exist creating joy and smiles with my talents and art. I slackline to explains the psychical balance of the mind and body. My art mazes explains meditation and centers oneself to being ever so present. A moment into the Now.

Having Clarity while not judging the ego while observring the tangents it flows through

The Art of Doing Nothing

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