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Updated: Apr 25, 2020



C.ompassionate Conscious Changing Creative Compelling Composting Connected Constructive Consistent Conserving Centered Convincing Cherishing Completing Challenged Calm Clever Collaborating Courteous Comedy(Comeco) Curious Charming Charismatic Compatible Communion Cheesy Coherent Charge Captivating Conduit

  • Always Be Conscious

  • Always Be Creative

  • Always Be Connected

  • Always Be Compassionate (Have sympathy for your fellow human being struggling on their path of life. Be gentle and caring with a kind heart)

  • Always Be Clowning (Humor)

  • Always Be Cheesing (Smiling)

  • Always Be Clear (Clarity)

  • Always Be Current (Present in Time)

  • Always Be Charged (We all radiating an electromagnetic field of energy. We're all filled with electricity)

  • Always Be Courage ( Have a heart of a lion)

  • Always Be Confident 

  • Always Be Cheerful

  • Always Be Comfortable

  • Always Be Commited

  • Always Be Challenging

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