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Follow Your Art

Today, we recognize that society is living in an over-stimulated reality due to technology thus producing anxiety & depression due to imbalance. Searching for solutions within the depths of his spirit, San created stress relieving mazes that act as meditation for the mind. His emotionally powered mazes silence the constantly chattering ego allowing synapses of stillness to merge. These mazes are designed to bridge neurons from the left & right hemispheres of the brain, finding balance. Generating pathways to the center of equilibrium, San encoded a message to activate the subconscious mind, opening portals of passion & boosting imagination for creativity. A maze meditation art that aligns mind, body & spirit.  Remember to Follow Your ART which will lead you to your HEART!

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A Creative Mind For Our Times

  • Meditation relieve stress & saves lives

  • Mazes allows children, teens, and adults to take a break from technology

  • Improves State of Mind where play & problem-solving coexist

  • Enhances Memory & neuron connections

  • Teaches Patience

  • Amplify Imagination, Creativity, Insight, & Intuition

  • Inspires to youth artist to follow their heART

  • Balance both hemispheres of the cerebrum brain

  • Expands Consciousness 

  Anthony San is a visionary artist creating interactive art, he produces patterns from his imagination inspired by nature. Dealing with a constant battle of depression & anxiety, meditation saved his life. He went on a quest to share techniques of healing which led him to Juneau, Alaska by meditating in the freshest & purest elements of nature. He rediscovered his childhood memories of maze making, creating medicine for the mental mind.

Dragon Heart

Maze Meditation was founded in 2020. I explore the disappearing element of maze making. Sharing my art with humanity through ironically colorful expressions. The Maze Meditation site provides information about upcoming shows, exhibitions and images of past projects, as well as information about my artistic journey from dream to realization.



Austin, TX, USA

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